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Орен Эйни

Дата выступления: 10 марта 2009

Один из авторов программного обеспечения NHibernate и Castle, основатель ряда проектов с открытым исходным кодом для платформы .NET Framework

«Creating successful projects».

Creating a successful project is hard. Actual coding expertise actually have very little to do with the project success. There are many issues that come into play, from how to structure your team, accept requirements and manage the actual process of building the software to source control layout, build process, maintainability approaches and system architecture. In this talk, we will discuss the highlights of how to remove road blocks to a project success and increase our chances for success.

«A solid foundation for developing in the real world».

SOLID is a set of principles for building object oriented application, based on real world experience of software developers in the field.

Creating OOD in the real world is often a complex issue, mostly because there is a big gap between the way OO is usually taught and the way we would like to make use of it in real applications.

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