Гуру на Урале: Саша Гольдштейн — СКБ Контур

Саша Гольдштейн

Дата выступления: 12 октября 2017

Технический директор Sela Group, Microsoft C # MVP и Azure MRS, мировой эксперт по производительности .NET-платформы, автор курсов.NET Debugging, .NET Performance, Android Application Development и Modern C ++. Специализируется на многоуровневых высокопроизводительных системах и мобильных разработках.

12 октября в УрФУ Саша Гольдштейн провел лекцию The Performance Investigator’s Field Guide для студентов.

After hundreds of performance investigations, some patterns begin to emerge. You could save a lot of time here, or find the root cause more easily there. In this talk, you’ll see what I learned from years of performance work in the field, which processes and tools work, and what I think can still be improved. First, we’ll talk about anti-methods for performance investigations and the USE checklist for finding the performance bottleneck. Then, we’ll talk about ideal performance investigation tools and how existing tools can be wildly inaccurate or prohibitively expensive. Finally, we’ll talk about some non-obvious mistakes you can make when working with statistics and reports. Along the way, I’ll take you on a tour of a couple of my most challenging performance investigations.