Specially for accountants of small businesses

The service automatically calculates salary, sick-leave and vacation payments, keeps records, reports via Internet. The service appeared in Y2011, and at present is used by 242 000 accountants.

Calculate salary

Import from 1C staff and calculation data on all the employees as well as contractors, assortment and assets registers. After what the service will calculate the salary for each employee for each reporting period. Calculation of sick leave and vacation payments based on the given data will take a few minutes.

Keep books

It is very easy to keep records on source accounting documents in Kontur.Buhgalteria. You shall not input hundreds of documents by hand and fill-in delivery notes — the service may convert scanned delivery notes.

Submit reports

Reporting in the service is generated automatically based on accounting data input before. Reporting calendar will remind you on the reporting periods. All the service functionality complies with the legislation, templates are updated automatically, and inbuilt checking system will inform you on the mistakes. Generated reports may be sent directly from the service signed with e-signature.

Keep records of several companies

The service is very convenient for outsourced accountants and for keeping records of several companies being part of one business. Clients and branch offices may input source documents themselves.

Assistance and support

Use up-to-date normative acts, orders and letters. The database contains over 300 000 documents and is renewed every day.

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