Web-service for businesses on special taxation systems. Helps to manage the business and submit all the necessary reports via Internet. On the market since Y2010. 

Documents for business in a minute

Service offers the following operations necessary for business management:

  • issue invoices, acts and delivery notes, faktura-invoices;
  • request open data about the contractors;
  • control incomes and expenditures.

Submit your reports to the tax inspection

Instructions and hints at every step helps to generate correct reports even for a person knowing nothing in accounting. All the templates are up-to-date as the service is automatically updated. Via Internet you can submit reports to any tax inspection of Russia not leaving your office or home.

Keep records on goods

Generate goods records in Elba. Group the goods in categories not to get lost in them. Follow the amount of goods on your stock on the basis of source documents.

Organize team work

Multy-user mode enables several workers to operate within one account.

Report on employees

Elba automatically calculates all the taxes on salaries, sick leaves, vacations. Based on monthly payments to your employees you may generate all the reports to tax authorities, Pension Fund, and Social security fund.

Work with the bank

On Elba web-site you can apply for opening of the account without visiting bank in person. Integration with internet-banks of Alfa-Bank, Modulbank, and Tochka bank gives the possibility to automatically receive statements on accounts and send payment to internet-bank directly from Elba.