Prompt check of contactors

The service enables promptly receiving information on legal entities and entrepreneurs of Russia. Launch of sales was in November, 2011.

Receive all the data about the contractor in one click

In the service within a few minutes you can receive up-to-date extraction from the Unified register of legal entities. You have access to reliable information from Rosstat Base of accounting reports, base of state contracts, Unified Federal register of bankruptcy data, and other official open data sources.

Check affiliated companies

The service can promptly find all the companies with the same:

  • registration address,
  • founders,
  • managers

as the contractor under analysis.

This reduces the risk to suffer from cheaters acting via affiliated or newly purchased/ incorporated companies.

Be aware about contractors bankruptcy

Follow information on the procedures used in bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy does not always mean inevitable liquidation of the company but may inform you in its financial difficulties.

Follow debts of legal entities

The corresponding section contains the information on execution processes against legal entities, stating the amounts to be exacted. Analysis of such information leads to more complex assessment of contractors.

Analyze arbitration cases

View arbitration cases where your potential contractor participated. You will know whether the company was sued due to breach of obligations, whether the contractor participates in analogous cases, etc.

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