Electronic reporting system

The system enables e-reporting to all authorities of Russia: Federal Tax Service, Pension Fund of Russia, Social Security Fund, Rosstat, Federal service controlling market of alcohol, Rosprirodnadzor.

Kontur.Extern system appeared in Y2000. The number of its subscribers is 1,143 million.

Send reports quickly and without mistakes

If you report via Extern you can be sure, your report is not lost and will be delivered on-time. It will be accepted immediately as inbuilt checking system follows any mistakes at filling-in stage. Our support service promptly answers any question any time. 

No need to install updates

Extern is self-updated and does not waste internet-traffic and your time. Templates and checking systems are always up-to-date and your tax inspection shall accept reports from the first trying.

Receive notifications about requests from tax inspection

Receive requests from tax inspection on-time and reply in e-form within the terms stipulated by legislation in force.

You may send to tax inspection requests for clarification, receive notifications about changes in legislation, request references, conciliation reports, extracts, and other documents.

SMS notification on report submission

SMS service makes you always aware on what is going on with the reports. Just mark those document flows in Settings on which you want to receive the notifications and you will receive information on your mobile.

Send reports to tax inspection directly from 1C

Special module in Kontur.Extern for 1C enables generating and sending reports to tax inspection from the software you know.