Initial period: development of packaged software (1988-1999)

1988-1989: search of its own market niche

The start of operation of a specialized designed bureau “Kontur” – a division of Komsomol experimental scientific and manufacturing company (KENPO) – is closely connected with the SAP R projects (system of automatic design). A bit later it became clear that domestic production is not ready for implementation of hi-tech equipment necessary for successful realization of our project.

So, we have found the direction being main in the company for long period of time — automation of accounting solutions, The first software developed by our company (Zarplata, Buhgaltersky uchet materialov (BUM), Balans, Osnovnye fondy) automated separate workstations. It was developed by a small but a very friendly team: initiative and energetic specialists were all-in-one — customers, developers, commissioners.

First half of 1990s: appearance of integrated solutions

Improving our accounting solutions, we combine workstations and launch network versions of the software. During this period we have developed Skat-S, Kaskad. Along with the development of computer engineering the need appeared in integrated solutions automating the whole accounting system of the company.

The important step for further development of our programs was implementation of so-called SOI — information-processing system. At that time each specialist was responsible for development of his program, developing it from the beginning to the very end. Discussing working issued during tea-time (the tradition to drink tea with sweets was born at those times) we have discovered that each of the programmers repeats at least half of the work of his “neighbor”. As the developed solutions had the same principle, we decided to generate the unified module which may be modified further with various functionality.

The first step to SOI was creation of “General function library”. Each developer could take the necessary functions from there. Later the IPS was implemented. By the way, the name of the system was not random. At the mid of 1990s everyone knew the abbreviation SOI — strategic defense initiative. And what we did — is just filled the new meaning in. So was the information processing system born.

Due to SOI the specialists of SKB Kontur Production gained the possibility to speak “one and the same language” and use one and the same tools for development. Implementation of SOI was economically efficient: we could develop and launch new products quicker. Moreover, use of SOI gave us additional technological opportunities enabling generation of flexible applications easily adjusted to client’s needs. This is how unified “information area”, ensuring further development of our software, appeared in SKB Kontur Production.

Second half of 1990s: new features of accounting programs

The ways to improve our accounting solutions were defined mainly by the needs of our clients and the demand appeared on the market due to difficult economic situation, So, in the mid of 1990s we showed our intellectual advantage over our competitors by developing the solution for recalculation of income tax against actual delivery. It was popular within three years in various companies. For budget institutions we developed the version with the possibility to enter several financing sources.

Transfer to Windows, mainly completed at the end of 1990s — beginning of 2000s, played a huge role in further development of company’s products.

Modern history (2000-2007): appearance of Internet-products.

At the time of Internet we continued to develop and improve accounting programs. But at the end of 1990s we faced the necessity to search new technological solutions.

In YY1996-1997 implementing first software reporting on income tax to tax inspections via magnetic carriers, we found out the problem of checking complexes updates. We launched all the updates on-time, but we could not guarantee our clients that all these updates were installed in all the tax authorities on-time and the reports would be accepted. And the idea of Internet-service for reporting appeared — unified for all and updated without clients.

In YY 2000-2002 a new system for generation and delivery of reports to tax authorities via Internet, later called as Kontur-Extern, was developed. Within the shortest period we have managed to study the operation with cryptographic means and organized the SKB Kontur Production Certification authority — one of the first certification authorities in Russia. And in Y2002 the process of tax and accounting reporting was organized in accordance with the legal base in the same form it exists today. Further history of Kontur-Extern system is a story of rushing regional and market development.

Contemporary history (since Y2007 till present time): business in clouds

Pallette of web-solutions

Developing Kontur.Extern system we went on the path of development of new services and offering of new opportunities to our clients. Kontur.Extern learnt how to send the reports not only to FNS, but to FSS and Rosstat, a new service — Kontur-Otchet PF, generating reports to Pension Fund, has appeared.

After we have understood, that our clients actively do business in the clouds, we have started to launch SAAS-services. They became a convenient solution for huge problems of millions of SMEs. An information and legal web-service Normative appeared at the market of web-services allowing review all the changed in the legislation. The right hand for entrepreneurs and small companies became Elba, the electronic accountant, helping to bookkeep, generate and send reports on their own. Then the accountants received Eurika — on-line service for calculation of salaries designed for small companies with simple accounting system. Today, due to Expert service, the companies may analyze their financial status, and Kontur-Focus service immediately allows checking of the contractor on the basis of data from official sources.

Paper loses

In Y2010 the paradigms were changed in the country: the authorities allowed to make electronic accounting documents status equal to the paper one. A day before the State duma accepted the law permitting the companies to exchange primary accounting documents in electronic form, we have launched Diadoc — e-document interchange system — on the market. Diadoc immediately delivers documents to the contractor or inside the company and provides their legal validity.

At cloud solutions market we have presented the unique solution for retailers — EDI-provider and GDSN — catalogue iCat. This is the first system in Russia enabling interchange of legal EDI-messages and transmit all the retailer document flow — accounting and tax primary documents — into e-form.

Creation of universal portal of web-solutions

And finally the moment came, when the quantity transformed into new quality: from the development of separate web-services we moved to the idea of creation of a unified Portal of web-solutions — the unified site with simple and reliable tools for solution of all the tasks regarding accounting, reporting and other business processes.

We are a modern dynamic developing company developing innovative products, automating more and more business processes in order you can operate more efficiently. We make our history ourselves and we believe that information technologies are the future.