SKB Kontur has more than 6000 partners in Russia, and this number is constantly growing. The company established itself as a reliable partner, aimed for a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in Russia. SKB Kontur aims to develop the international market. As our partner, your company can earn extra profit by using your existing customer base and attract new customers by selling new products.

The most promising products for business abroad are:

Kontur.Foсus – service for a quick professional check of Russian counterparties. This allows you to get the current updated information (including financial statements and analysis) about Russian companies online. The service also allows you to establish the connections between organizations by many parameters, including individuals who are/were heads or founders of the companies. Analyzing Russian companies’ activities can reduce many risks of interaction with unreliable counterparties, foremost financial risks.

API Kontur.Foсus – application programming interface that allows you to integrate Kontur.Foсus with any other customer information system. Automates collection, updating and searching for information on counterparties. This helps to control the important changes and generate reports on the work.

Kontur.Zakupki – service for search, selection and analysis of public and commercial procurement. The opportunity to participate in the procurement of Russian state-owned companies is open to entrepreneurs from all countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

3 steps to become SKB Kontur partner in your country:

1. Fill out the form

To participate in our partner program, please, fill out the form.

2. Search new clients

  • Active search.
  • Sell our services to your existing clients.

3. Get your percentage from sales

  • Sales  reports get signed each month.
  • Every sale brings you a profit!

Become SKB Kontur partner

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