SKB Kontur is a developer of services for business and accounting.
We create a platform for interfacing with government agencies and for working with the most important business software applications; we build infrastructure for electronic exchange of original documents, issue electronic signature certificates and provide the highest level of data protection. 
SKB Kontur’s software products help millions of people with their accounting and business tasks and help them get rid of piles of paperwork and cut through red tape. 
Our company’s most popular products are:
  • Kontur.Extern – a system for submitting filings to regulatory agencies through the Internet.
  • Kontur.Buhgalteria – electronic accounting application for small and medium business. 
  • Elba - web-service for businesses on special taxation systems.
  • Diadoc – electronic exchange of legally valid documents between companies. 
  • Kontur.Focus – a web service that instantly vets contracting parties.
  • Normativ – a specialized legal reference web service for accountants. 
SKB Kontur also provides the services of the largest commercial Identification Center in Russia, generating electronic digital key signature certificates. To date, SKB Kontur’s Identification Center has issued over 1.6 million electronic signature certificates