Strategic business directions

We are proud of our business: we have more than one million business customers all across Russia, at least one-fourth part of Russian business is using our software today. Our main focus – web services for businesses.

We aren’t stop at where we are. We deeply understand that tomorrow success lies on today’s innovations. This is why our goal is to create innovative services and new markets.

We choose only general-purpose services, highly demanded in a nearest future by the majority of our existing and potential customer base.

We have developed a system of strategic growth and development directions for our company based on market analysis and priorities weighting. These are priority directions for us in a mid-term:

  • Web services portal (marketplace) for SMBs
  • Electronic data interchange between businesses
  • Digital Certificate Authority services 

1. Web services portal (marketplace) for SMBs

We create a unique place in the Internet where customers can find everything they need to run their business in an electronic form – web services portal.

We use Software as a Service model (SaaS) to enable customer to use all services they need right through Internet with a single entry point to governmental services and to business web applications as well.

2. Electronic data interchange between businesses

We create and develop infrastructure for quality, guaranteed, secure and legally significant document exchange between any businesses in Russia and abroad. We also provide electronic document storage solutions and electronic archiving services as well.

3. Digital Certificate Authority services

We develop and grow our existing Digital Certificate Authority business which provides unmatched data security assurance. Our CA helps corporations to ensure their data is totally secure. We also issue digital certificates for universal use, including the ability to report customers' tax data to State Tax Authority and other business-to-government use. We are looking forward to extend our line of CA services.