Foundation of the company

SKB Kontur Production

At October,31st 1988 an order was signed to organize a specialized design bureau “Kontur”. The company was founded as a self-financing unit in Komsomol experimental scientific and manufacturing company at Sverdlovsk obkom of VLKSM.


First software for accountants

The first development — Zarplata-Iskra program — is two years older than the company. The first version was developed by the order of PO Uralenergochermet, and was installed on Russian PC Iskra-226 in Y1986.

In Y1989 it was redesigned for IBM-compatible computers and renamed as “Uchet truda I zarabotnoi platy — AMBa (accountant automatic working place). It was very efficient in the companies in oil and gas, machine building industries, in banks and retail. Despite its age, the program is still popular.



The first dealer contract with service center in Nahodka. Soon the company found partners in Ural Federal District.

Game console “Kroha”

The console was developed together with students and teachers from physics department of UPI (UrFU) and specialists from Promsvyas company.


Delta, Kaskad, and Sklad

Development of the company's software was influenced by switch to OS Windows completed in the end of 1990s — beginning of 2000s. The first software of SKB Kontur Production on Windows was Delta, which automated accounting of budget institutions.

In October, 1997 Kaskad and Sklad programs were launched. Kaskad was designed for accounting in self-financing enterprises. Sklad helped to record delivery, storage, and shipment of goods and materials.


Internet reporting system Kontur.Extern

Besides accounting solutions the company developed software for reporting to MNS of Russian and Pension Fund on magnetic carriers. 2-NDFL was the first form filled in in electronic formn. The program was very popular but reporting formats and rules changed very often. The clients had to visit the company’s office to take the updates in order the tax inspection may accept their reports.

Then SKB Kontur Production decided to develop the reporting system without the updates. The key idea was to take the server where the developer would update all the necessary software, and the user would connect to the server via Internet and always use updated forms. And so since Y2000 we started development of new system — Kontur.Extern. By the way, at that time it was called “NOCHI” – Tax reporting via Internet.


First e-signature

The server, where the reports were generated, was located in UMNS of Sverdlovsk region. And the question arose: why shall we transmit the report to the tax authority if it is already there? Then the specialists of SKB Kontur Production started to study cryptography and information protection. In order to provide validity of e-documents, the company founded its own certification authority. In January, 2003 The licensing and certification authority FAPSY permitted the Certification authority of SKB Kontur Production to issue e-signature certificates.

So, legal e-document flow has been launched.  Now with the help of Kontur.Extern they could generate the reports as well as send them into tax authorities via Internet without paper copies.


Federal contact center

Kontur.Extern clients support service is reorganized into federal contact center. In order to support the increasing number of Kontur.Extern and other web-services users, the contact center increased its staff to operate 24/7 at a constant basis.


Educational programs

In order to support IT community in the Urals and help the programmers to develop their professional skills, SKB Kontur Production launched the project “Educational programs”. The company started to pay bonuses and grants, organize summer trainings and meetings with world famous programmers, as well as opened move stimulation programs.


Focus on web-services

The rise of Extern changed the company. One of the key tasks was to repeat the achievement again. The company focused on development of web-services for accounting and business which would simplify everyday intensive processes — just what people meet every day. The first developments were information and legal web-service Normative and service Otchet PF for reporting to Pension Fund.


Service for entrepreneurs

The world saw the first electronic accountant — that is what Elba web-service stands for. The service was designed in order to help the entrepreneurs to bookkeep on their own and report to tax authorities. You may operate in Elba without professional knowledge of accounting and its vocabulary. The way to your own business became easier.


On-line school

The company offered the clients new format of training — to on-line watch lections on the screen of their PC, pass tests and communicate with the lecturers, being the leading experts and representatives of state authorities.

Accounting in the Internet

Web-service Eurika was developed for the accountants of small companies with simple accounting systems. It enabled calculating of salary, sick leaves, vacation payments, preparing and sending  reports to state authorities. Later, Eurika became Buhgalteria.Kontur web-service.


Kontur.Focus, the service for contractors check, was based on the service “EGRUL/EGRIP”, a part of Kontur.Extern, enabling receiving extracts from unified state registers. In its first version, the service showed information on all the legal entities and entrepreneurs of the country from official sources (registration data, litigations, state contracts, accounting reports), as well as checked addresses, managers and founders on their validity.


First e-invoice

In April, 2012 the order of FNS of Russia dated 05.03.2012 № ММВ-7-6/138 approved the formats of e-invoices, record books, purchase and sales books. So, the companies received the right to use them in their work instead of paper ones.

In July, 2010 SKB Kontur Production started the development of e-document interchange system — Diadoc. And in May, 2012 the retailer BILLA sent the first in the country legal e-invoice via Diadoc.

Portal of web-solutions and 1 000 000 clients

In Y2012 the portal started its operation. This is a site for on-line sales of the company's services and communication of entrepreneurs and accountants with each other and experts. In first months after launch the portal gained profit. SKB Kontur Production client base reached the point of 1 million companies.


Alcohol retail

In Y2013 the company launched two services for alcohol wholesalers and retailers. The first — Alcodeclaratsia — is designed for reporting to FSRAR via Internet, and the second — Alcosverka — is designed for verification of alcodeclarations between the suppliers and retailers.

Search of purchases

At  the same time the project Kontur.Zakupki was launched. It simplifies searching of purchases for the suppliers. The service helps to find the purchases, review changes in the favourites and analyze the bid results.

Only reporting

Such a moto was given to the web-service enabling transmission of already prepared e-report to FNS and PFR in one click. You may generate the report in any accounting software.


Verification of invoices

In order to help the business to reduce the risk of additional VAT payment, SKB Kontur Production has developed the service NDS+(Sverka). It enables verifying invoice data with the clients, find mistakes and differences, and prepare the reply to the request on clarifications from FNS.

To the customs — via Internet

In February, 2015 Kontur.Declarant was launched. It is a web-service for customs declaring of the goods. Using the service you can fill in the electronic declaration on the goods and send it to the customs via Internet.