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Kontur.Focus provides the current updated information (including financial statements and analysis) about Russian companies online. The service also allows you to establish the connections between organizations by many parameters.

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Get all the data about the Russian company in one click

The service can find a company or an entrepreneur by the name, address, name of the person who is/was a head or a founder of this company, by the individual taxpayer number and other parameters and phrases. Smart search will correct typos and open up all the data collected from more than 20 official sources about Russian companies on one page. Systematic updates ensure the relevance and reliability of the information in the service.

Here are some main sources Kontur.Focus provides the information from:

Search connected organizations

One of the most important stages of the company check process is to identify links of a certain company with other legal entities and individuals. Service allows you to find connected organizations quickly:

  • by the same head of the company (including the information about the previous heads);
  • by the common founders (including the information about the previous founders);
  • by the same address of registration.

This will reduce many risks of interaction with unreliable counterparties that operate through subsidiaries or newly acquired/ established companies.

Keep up to date with counterparty’s bankruptcy info

Entry into bankruptcy does not always mean the inevitable liquidation of the company, but can indicate its financial difficulties. The following information is mandatory for publication:

  • introduction of observation, financial rehabilitation, external management, declaration of the debtor bankrupt and opening of the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • termination of the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • approval, suspension or dismissal of the arbitration manager;
  • satisfaction of third party claims its intention to settle the liabilities of the debtor;
  • auction for the debtor’s property sale and the bidding results.

Keep track of legal entities’ debts

In the relevant section of the service the enforcement proceedings are displayed. There you can find the exact amount of money that a certain company owes. Analysis of this information allows you to assess the counterparties in a more complex way. .

Arbitration cases

Analysis of the arbitration proceedings, in which the company participates, allows you to have a more complete and objective picture. These cases can characterize the company with a bad and a good side. Any completed arbitration case can be seen as "reliable feedback" about the company.

All cases where the company is mentioned can be found on the main page of the organization in Kontur.Focus.

Find out information about public procurements

This information allows you to rate how often the company takes part and wins in public procurements. The fact that the company has repeatedly concluded state contracts and performed its obligations, in time, may indicate its reliability.

We have the following information for each contract:

  • customer,
  • price of the procurement,
  • signing date of the contract,
  • subject of the procurement ,
  • number and status of the contract.

Financial statements and analysis

All legal entities submit their financial statements to Russian Statistics Committee annually.

The only exceptions are: entities using the simplified taxation system, as well as banks, insurance companies, religious organizations and public institutions.

Not only the financial statements can be seen in Kontur.Focus, but the data is carefully examined and the results can be seen in the detailed financial analysis.

Special registers of Federal Tax Service of Russia

The special registers of Federal Tax Service are:

  • Addresses of "mass" registration
  • The tax debt of more than 1 thousand Russian rubles
  • Failure to submit the tax reports to the authorities for a year
  • Disqualified individuals

The fact that the organization falls into one of the registers above does not automatically mean that the company is "bad." For example, the register of "mass" registration address includes a large number of office buildings, despite the fact that the addresses have an accurate house number without an office number. 

Membership in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation is one more indicator that the company engages in business activities. List of CCI RF members is updated daily..

Scheduled inspections

Information on the scheduled inspections of legal entities is published on the website of the General Prosecutor's Office for the current year.

Information on the appointed inspection indicates the fact that the company is indeed doing business.

Automatic verification indicators

Kontur.Focus can check the organization by a predetermined set of criteria. The user can set his own automatic indicators. This feature helps our users find important information and quickly pay attention to the most important facts.

Indicators are divided into several groups:

  • Legal indications
  • Requirements for the organization
  • Activity of the organization
  • Financial status

Panoramic street view through Google or Yandex map

By using Google and Yandex maps our customers can enjoy the panoramic street and buildings view, where their counterparty is located, in one click. This is a handy tool of the visual inspection of the specific legal entity..

Make your own lists of Russian companies

All our users can mark the company they are working with and make their own company lists. By working with a particular organization, the user can add it to the list of "bad" or "good" firms, or for example, label the company as a “Customer”, “Supplier” or "Competitor”. .

Issuer information disclosure

Hourly updated information on the economic activities of public companies. Under Russian law, issuers are required to publish significant facts of its activities..


At any point in time the company’s data can be changed. For example, the change of the company’s head, founders, address, a message of bankruptcy, enforcement proceedings, arbitration can take place at any time. In Kontur.Focus the company can be put on the superintendence. If the service finds the data change, it will send a notification to the user by e-mail. Up to 1000 companies can be observed and monitored by one user.

Work from your mobile device

All the customers who subscribed to the Kontur.Focus can enjoy the service in a mobile application form along with the desktop version.

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