August, 25th — 26th 


SKB Kontur, Maloprudnaya str., 5
Start: Friday evening
Final: Saturday morning
Welcome to Hackathon!


1 place Good evening (Daniluk, Silaev, Shelomencev) 0.009480

place Amazonian (Labincev, Kiselev, Chertushkin) 0.009479 

3 place 11Friends (Pankov, Abbache, Hudyakov) 0.0094 


You will try to solve the difficult task related to user behavior analysis of one our services.

The data is real (anonymised, of course) and the task is real, which means that your work will actually help people.

Approximate dataset volume: 10 Gb

Team size: 1-3 participants. 

We will publish the details of the task on this page.

Additionally we prepared for you:
  • transfer from school's place
  • pizza&coffee/food&drinks
  • lounge areas
  • awards for the winner

Bonus: you don't need to book hotel for night friday-saturday:)